self awareness

Beginning at the Beginning

Originally written/published:  June 30th, 2011

This blog is self-discovery.

This is my process, as I am going through it, and as I will continue through it, for as long as I keep the damn blog. Self-discovery, I believe, is a life-long process. There is no end. Or at least, there shouldn’t BE an end if you really do IT right and you do LIFE right.

So many people, my past self included, go about their days without reflecting on themselves. There’s probably a LOT of reasons for this. Some are just too damn tired, physically, mentally or emotionally. Some have become comfortable not reflecting, or said oppositely reflecting made them UNcomfortable– maybe they realized that they were in a job they hate but in order to survive they just try not to think about it and in turn, don’t think about themselves or their lives in general. Maybe they’re stuck taking care of other people – be it children, sick or old loved ones, other dependent people, that they don’t have the time or energy to reflect.

My concern is that people aren’t reflecting because they’re not liking what they see when they reflect. So to fix that, they stop reflecting. And it’s become very easy to do. There’s lot of distractions to help us avoid reflection: t.v., movies, the internet and social media sites like facebook and twitter, there’s fashion and shopping, consumerism in general, sports, patriotism in a variety of forms (not just for one’s country but one’s football team, or NASCAR driver, favorite celebrity).

We have developed a culture of avoidance of the truth.

This blog is my documented, unedited, process of doing the exact opposite.

I will fail, multiple times and fighting this culture of self-avoidance. I know I will. That’s okay as long as I acknowledge it, try to figure out why (which I will also document here: my mind ramblings, trying-to-figure-out conversations with myself) and try to position myself to not do it again.

I am committed to my own self-awareness and my goal is to proceed in life with intention in every step and in every word.

This shall be interesting.  :o)