Do You Worry About the Presence Time forgets?

Originally penned/published:  August 29, 2011

Do you worry about the presence time forgets?

Do you worry about it at all?

Do you worry about the fall?



The changing of seasons.

Do they change you?

Do you allow them to?

How do you negotiate the weather?

Weathered tides upon the threshold of day,

How do you negotiate your own destiny?

Your plans? For the future?

Do you free write? Writers?

Do you free-speak? Speakers?

Do you free live? Livers?

They must call it the ‘liver’ because it’s really important for you to live.

They must call it that because it’s important.

This life.

Essential, actually.

Can I touch it?

Your liver?

I don’t really want to, but would you let me if I did?

What do you let touch it?

What don’t you?

What do you live?



When the threshold of day is upon you,

What do you do?

How do you guide? Follow?

Who do you let lead?

Or what?

How do you live?