Love and Move. Amor y Mover.

Originally penned/published:  Sept 17, 2011

“Love” and “move.” Not too far apart. Only 1 letter. En Espanol, amor y mover are a bit further away from each other, in their lettering. I wonder if it may be because in Latin American history if people loved, they didn’t move. Or leave. The word for leave en Espanol is ‘salir.’ Even further from amor.

However, nowadays people from Latin America leave in REALLY BIG ways. Many come to the U.S. for opportunity or money, often both. Sometimes I wonder why. I have heard many answers and I know that in many places there are not many jobs. But it has not always been this way. Only in recent history. It makes me wonder what people did for work 50+ years ago that they didn’t move to the U.S. in such great numbers. Or, maybe I’m asking the wrong question. Maybe it’s what people did for love.

I really don’t have any answers to any of this. This is just wondering. Wandering with the mind.

But why are “love,” leave,” and “move” so much closer in the English language. The history of the U.S. is one I am much more familiar with than that of Latin America. But I am not really very familiar with it because I never learned U.S. history very well. I always found it very boring and never really had a history teacher that engaged me well as a student. That material is fascinating but the delivery, via book and mouth, have often been very dry to me, unfortunately. Even now, I have a World History book that I want to read because I want the information but it’s written so bland that I can barely bring myself to get through more than a few pages.

This, in my opinion, is a travesty.

Thoughts? On any of this? Or anything really? These are just my musings, these things, words, they’re just my muses. But you also are too. :)

This might be 2 poems, written at the same time??? Thoughts?

Originally penned/published:  Sept 8, 2011

Just found this today, in my inbox. Totally forgot I wrote it and sent it to myself. That inbox… quite full right now, it needs organization. I need to sift.
So this might be 2 poems: 1. A Whisper, 2. Resuscitate.

Or it could stay one, with a better transition. Or I could write a 3rd to follow. Or do both: a third and improve transitions.

Thoughts??? (that’s all these really are anyway, right? Thoughts on paper.  :)

Thanks in advance, all who pay attention. Even those who read and don’t comment. I appreciate you too.  <3



A Whisper


I heard a woman screaming in the middle of the night.

Did you hear it?


Did you hear her insides curl and twist

Letting out an attack on her being from within


These screams,

vocal manifestations of the most intense pain,

pain, intentional,

And of disbelief.


They hurt us,

Our ears,

If we listen.


They hurt our hearts if we feel them.

If we let their pain inside

We can feel it

Absorb it.


People rarely do,

They are so closed,

Like a block of steel sat on a desk with no bigger purpose than to just be there.


Being is cool.

Our beings are cool,

But their utility is underused if we don’t engage them.


These beings.

Coming forth in the middle of the night.

Gathering light and wisdom, words wrapped around ideas

Like cloth on skin.


These ideas could be naked in the sunlight.

These beings could be naked in the sunlight.


I heard a woman screaming in the middle of the night.

Did you hear it?


Was it you?



You’ve gotta get out of these dry climates, people

You’ve got to get out

Dry climates do not yield enough food for subsistence

You will always be attacking each other for your survival

The fittest may win

But they are only fit in body.

These dry climates yield forth super-beings

Excess in physique.


But the opposite of excess is recess

To re-cess, to fall backward.

These excessive physical beings

They recess in their opposites:

Emotional, intellectual, spiritual.

Their inner beings on recess,

Out to play in fields

Reckless abandon of self and society.


These recesses are play in a field of work,

Fields stretched far and wide but not tilled.

The un-tillable, dry earth

Sucked naked from within, without

There is no fruit here.

No offerings from within brought to the fore

It’s just desert.


It will dry you out people.

You must move.

If you seek to live,

You must move.