Society's Mantras

Originally penned/published: July 3, 2011

I keep seeing so many people getting lost in this. The more I’ve pursued this way of living the more I can see the ways I’ve left behind in others. Friends pursuing careers but saying how they “feel culturally deprived” every so often and “need” to go to an open mic or live show. Friends that find themselves saying or agreeing when people say “that’s gay” – even though they themselves support gay rights, have many gay friends, and not even a twinge of homophobia.

Its this mantra, this discourse that surrounds us. Last week I told a friend “we are knee deep in a discourse of shit” – and I fully believe that. It makes me really sad. But I also am happy to be able to see it and I think I’ve already had a few small successes in helping other friends see it too. Who knows where this blog will go but maybe it will help more people see it, people that I would possibly never meet because we are far apart, geographically.


Sept 12, 2016 Addition:  We are likely chest deep in a discourse of shit now. Everyone needs a shovel.