So I Decided to Give Up Alcohol Indefinitely

Originally penned/published:  November 18, 2012

“He who conquers others is strong. He who conquers himself is mighty.” – Lao Tzu


As of the last post I was 3 days in. I’m about 2 1/2 weeks in now and feeling just fine and dandy! Though I’ve been here before so it’s not new territory and hence, not very difficult.

The last time I gave up the alcs tho I was in a different city so this is new in that I have new friends to maneuver this with. Thankfully, my friends are the shit. Easily sneeze.


Speaking of sneezing…. my face has been leaking and exploding for about 36 hours now. It crept up on me slow, like a fog. Like before i knew that shit, I was sick-face a F*ck! WTF!! (pssst, on the low:  I think my best friend/roommate gave me her sickness. She’s lucky. I love her too much and am spraying too much mucus to even have the energies to be upset. lol)


SOOOO the alcs.

Its not so bad really. Been drinking a lotta tea like my friend Ham. I think that’s cool. I’m saving money, that’s for sure! Beer budget —>>>> meet savings account!! WOOOHOOO!! lol


But I feel kinda like dis about it:

I feel just fine. Why do we need to drink anyway? To relax? To “let go”? To escape into some lesser form of consciousness, all stupid-faced and bumbling at the mouth with dumb shit? Funny, sure. But dumb. And its BAD for us! Like, REAL bad. So why???


I said in my last post that I was going to try and use exercise as an outlet instead of drinking. Welllll…. that hasn’t really happened. Lol. Tho I did exercise a little this morning to try and sweat this sickness out, but not out of stress. I think I’ve just been resting. Which is probably exactly what my body needs.


And besides, wouldn’t it be all the more awesome if we could just let go of our inhibitions and act silly and weird and have fun and run around like kids WITHOUT the alcs? Like, how FREEING could that be!!! I’m serious!!

So that’s my intention.


So if you see me running, sprinting up and down the street most likely, at a party sometime in the near future – yeahhhh that’s probably just me sprinting.

I have a tendency to wanna sprint when I’m drunk. So watch me put this into full effect sober. High on chamomile and shit.



You’re going to think I’m crazy.


And perhaps that’s my plan….



keep them guessing.”




“Not Resolutions” – A Follow-up

Originally penned/published:  November 4, 2012

So I intended to write this post months ago. July to be exact. Because, I thought, “that’ll be 6 months in so I can check up on my progress.” But I’m not so good at dates and plans and time and pressure so here it is. 5 months late.


  1. Read more. I am shooting, initially, for 1 hour a day or 7-10 hours per week. I have a busy schedule. And I sidetrack easy. We shall see. (I suppose I have to actually keep numerical track of this…. Uuuggghhhhh NUMBERS!!!! Ugh!!

    1. Y’know,  I probably have done this on most weeks but I haven’t been tracking. I read a lot on the internet:  articles, stories, poetry. And I’m currently reading like 12 books at once. I do that. *shrug*. The ones I like the best I finish more quickly and spend good chunks on. The ones I like the least get left on my side table underneath poems and notebooks, my stuffed animal platypus.

    2. I did FINISH one book so far this year though! It was short. Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. And it was amazing. I loved every bit of it. So glad I “borrowed” it from my ex. And he ain’t getting it back!

  2. Keep writing. Right now, I’m probably averaging OVER 7-10 hours per week. BUT, like above, I suppose I ought to keep numerical track of this…. Yuck. (I think I just spit out a 7. “ptuhh”)

    1. Mmmmm…. This has ebbed and flowed. I have not been so committed. It’s definitely gone up and down. And I definitely need to track this better.

  3. Give up daily caffeine. I decided NOT to give up coffee entirely. I love it. It makes me happy. It feels like “morning” to me. BUT once my current bag is gone I’m going to switch to decaf. And stick to decaf tea.

    1. I DID THIS!!!! YYAAYYY!!! :)  lol, No but yeah. I did give up daily caffeine and I feel good without it. I do sometimes have caffeine on purpose if I really want or could use a jolt of energy, but that’s probably 2-3x a week maybe and usually in the afternoon.

  4. Exercise 3x per week. THIS may be difficult at times. In order to stick to this I need to not pull any 12 days straight of work…. Which… *sigh*… we’ll see. But I hit the gym twice since the new year, twice just before it. SO, I have some steppin’ up to do but “the body is a temple” and if I want to be a writer, well then, I suppose my work will only be as good as that which creates it! AHH! Which takes me to….

    1. Oohhhhhh…. This is an uber-fail. I haven’t been exercising hardly at all this year. I’ve done it in spurts! Like a week here or 2 weeks there, then NUTHIN. BUT I have a potential plan -> see numero 5.

  5. Giving up alcohol for a while. Undetermined. Don’t shoot me or say “you’ve gotta pick a timeframe and stick to it.” F that. No I don’t. If there’s any good way to get me to NOT do something, it’s by putting a parameter on it or rules or regulations. I can regulate myself quite incredibly. Just watch. And I’ll keep you posted as to how long I go.

    1. Soooooo yeah…… lol. About this.

    2. :)

    3. Ummm…….. SO! I decided Friday evening that I’m giving it up for an undetermined amount of time.  I thought about it for a good bit during the week. This was a great week btw – very, very inspiring and empowering. I had some wonderful teachers!

    4. So today marks 3 days, which isn’t really noticeable in my habits yet. But I’ll probably be feelin the urge sometime next week.

    5. Yeah, and from #4. Part of my strategy in order to exercise more is to substitute exercise for drinking.

  6. Get at least ONE piece of creative writing published this year in some outlet. Preferably 2 or 3 but I’m giving myself some breathing room here.

    1. Soooooo….. this hasn’t happened. There is still time to submit I suppose however I haven’t spent a whole lot of time reading a variety of ‘zines so I fear if I try to submit something this quickly it might be misguided, and therefore, not accepted. We’ll see. I’m not going to hold myself so stringently to this timeframe. I will do it when it makes sense and feels right.

  7. This should maybe be part of #2 but I like 7. Write 100 pages of my memoir. (at least). And this, luckily, my computer will keep track of!!! HOW AWESOME!!!

    1. WWOOOAAAHHHHHHHHHHH…. So. Not a lick. Not barely even a small smidgen of a bite into these 100 pages hath been penned. Yikes. :( Thanks for staring me in the face, unattained goal.

    2. But maybe….

    3. Maybe it has made sense this way. I wonder if I’m more far off on writing this well than I thought. Knowing me, heh, I probably am. I will write this. But I will do it in the right time.

    4. It will take time to do well.


So that’s all I’ve go for you today. I haven’t been blogging nearly as much this year as I did last year. Perhaps that will change in 2013. Perhaps it won’t.

And ummmm…… and I still have an issue with the word “resolution.” Buuuuuutttt I’m working on these things.


Oh, and the next age is going to be a Waterworld. Look at New Orleans. Look at NYC. The oceans are trying to claim us. I’m convinced they’re going to win. Though most likely not in my lifetime.


But time will tell us this all, wont it?


Sho nuff.