“So I Was Writing a Poem Right…” Becomes a Process. A Search For ‘Nouri.’

Originally penned/published:  August 29, 2011

So I was writing a poem right.
And I wrote the word “nourished.”

And in it, in that word, I saw the word “shed,” reminding me of my previous post onShedding

(my brain connects in weird ways. But apparently some of you want ‘in’ so this is ‘in,’ lol)

I haven’t finished the poem.
And no, it’s not going on ‘Unfinished Poetry.’
At least not now it’s not. Don’t ask questions okay. Just listen for now. :)

So back to “nourished” and “shed.” So I know what “shed” means but I wondered what “nouri” means. I love the roots of words, where words come from, and learning all that good stuff. So I google for a definition. Nothing. I google for the meaning of the prefix. Nothing.

I get a suggestion, from good ‘ole google, saying “Did you mean: what does “noir” mean?”

No google, I didn’t mean “noir” a french word. There’s nothing so fantastically special about the French, or about France, you know. I meant “nouri.”

The first result from my search “What does nouri mean” comes fromwww.ourbabynamer.com I’ve been here before. Recently. Maybe not to THIS exact site but I’ve recently been on baby naming sites. (And NOOOOOOOOO I am not pregnant, lol, or even THINKING about having a baby any time soon whatsoever so put those inquisitions away!)

If I am pregnant, it is with ideas. That is it. Thanks.

*sigh* so back to www.ourbabynamer.com

It says the name “nouri” is of Persian origin. Interesting! Because Persia does not exist! Not any longer, technically, at least. It is now modern day Iran. So, yes, it does actually exist. Just officially not recognized by that name. I honestly don’t know a whole lot at all about the history, late or modern, of Iran. But I imagine that Persia still exists in the hearts and minds, and in tongue as the official language still, of many people.


(I will go back to that later. The tab is still open on my browser. But I have 30 tabs open now. literally. 30. I always have at least 15 or so. I’m interested in so much and have so many plans. I’m always focused… just on a lot of things. I’m focusing better though, more and more as the days go by. The number of things shrink. I re-condense. I am condensed in a few very great ways. And quite productive. It’s just a negotiation of interests, time, and effort/endeavor. I think I will always have lots of tabs open. And that’s perfectly fine. Someone pointed this out to me once, this mass of tabs, as if it was flawed – that’s where this rant is coming from. :) But don’t worry about me. About that, in me, please. I’m not unfocused. I am flawed. But I’m just fine. Really.)


So anyway, www.ourbabynamer.com did not give me anything worthwhile, unfortunately. At least not now it doesn’t. But you never know. Maybe I’ll name my future child Nouri. Maybe not. Since I still don’t know what it means, I don’t have much from this yet. But anyway, it tells me that “nouri” is generally a boys name. Then it says “from an earlier name, Noor.” So I click and find that Noor is generally a girl’s name! And that is all! (Now, a boy’s name, coming from a girl’s name, now that IS kind of awesome! But not what I was looking for. But that is all for now, that is all.)

I sigh.

So back to google it is.

And google STILL isn’t giving me much!! I find this link, the 5th one down on the page from http://www.zelo.com (I tried to insert a link but it wouldn’t let me. Go to it if you want. Though it also was not fruitful. Even less so than http://www.ourbabynamer.com! Honestly, all it said was “Sorry… we have no information on this name.”)

Why? Why America, why???

I bet I have 100 reasons. Though none of them good. Honestly. None of them are honestly good.

Why suggest “noir.” The French are no better than the Iranians. France is no better than Iran, Persia. They’re just languages. They’re just people. Why are we not sharing them? Ourselves? They’re just people, places, people IN places. Geographically, physically,

emotionally, tied to histories we can read about on Wikipedia – though in English. So we must be careful to recognize that this history,

of theirs,

on Wikipedia,

it’s in OUR language.

Not theirs.

We have to keep in mind, or find out, and continue finding out what is in OUR language that is not in THEIRS.

There lie the differences.

Commonalities abound when we speak the same language, but initially we don’t.

But we can become multilingual. Even in the same language we have layers of speaking,

layers of meaning,

we layer words like bricks into a house that one day,

that every day actually,

I invite you into.

(some day it will be in better form. Every day, actually it is in better form. It will keep getting better though.)

We must keep in mind who uses our language and who doesn’t. It is very possible the Wikipedia article is written by a native English speaker. Maybe from the US, maybe from the UK. Maybe from Iran or East Timor. I would bet most likely though that it was written by a native English speaker from one of the more “developed”  nations. Which to me really just means nations with technology.

(And technology is not so great you know. I mean, my smartphone fails every day. Multiple times. And google failed me in finding the root of the word nouri, multiple times. I’m going to start relying less on technology. But it is my medium of access right now. But it’s only one of them. I have many. But for knowledge seeking, yeah…. less tech, more high. Not marijuana though. I’m all set with that really. But other ‘more highs.’ Like that of the sky. And more from the past. More from altars of knowledge, philosophy, history. More of those things that have stuck around for ages, like old languages. Persian. And of things that bind people together. Like bodies. Languages. Languages of bodies and of thought and of heart. I will go there too. In my every days and my nightly doze. I will go there too.)

But I imagine an article on Persia, if written by a Persian would be vastly different than this Wikipedia entry. I wonder if they even have a care for Wikipedia. It wasn’t created by an Iranian, a Persian. Now I know, that doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate it, like it even. Of course it doesn’t. But I wonder how they’d write their story. In what format. On paper, with chalk, in the dirt. In their hearts. In their own language from their tongues. How would they breathe their own story into being.

Are we giving them much breathing room?

To that, I do not have the answer. I imagine they do. Probably a million ones. They may have one they could agree on though. Or there may be one that rings louder, stronger, is multipled more times over than any other. That million, into one.

But don’t we all? We humans?

Do we though? Do we have an answer that rings louder than all others? Or maybe not even an answer? Maybe just a sound?


And maybe not.

But yes.

If we find them. Those sounds.

In languages on tongues,

or in hearts if tongues are tied,

or untied.

Or in spirit.

In eyes.

And if eyes are closed or broken or if one does not have them,

Then in hands.

Or without hands,

In feet.

Without feet,

In mind.

Is it all that binds us together, in consciousness? The mind?

We have that at least.

We do have more.
Its just a matter of who you ask and what they say.

How they tie their tongues.
How they pronunce “nouri”

I have ideas of what it might mean, that word “nouri” but they are yet to be confirmed.

Though I have lived lots without confirmation.

What have you done without confirmation?
What do you do?

How do you live?

So many millions, so many into one.

How do you live?


How do you live?