So I Decided to Give Up Alcohol Indefinitely

Originally penned/published:  November 18, 2012

“He who conquers others is strong. He who conquers himself is mighty.” – Lao Tzu


As of the last post I was 3 days in. I’m about 2 1/2 weeks in now and feeling just fine and dandy! Though I’ve been here before so it’s not new territory and hence, not very difficult.

The last time I gave up the alcs tho I was in a different city so this is new in that I have new friends to maneuver this with. Thankfully, my friends are the shit. Easily sneeze.


Speaking of sneezing…. my face has been leaking and exploding for about 36 hours now. It crept up on me slow, like a fog. Like before i knew that shit, I was sick-face a F*ck! WTF!! (pssst, on the low:  I think my best friend/roommate gave me her sickness. She’s lucky. I love her too much and am spraying too much mucus to even have the energies to be upset. lol)


SOOOO the alcs.

Its not so bad really. Been drinking a lotta tea like my friend Ham. I think that’s cool. I’m saving money, that’s for sure! Beer budget —>>>> meet savings account!! WOOOHOOO!! lol


But I feel kinda like dis about it:

I feel just fine. Why do we need to drink anyway? To relax? To “let go”? To escape into some lesser form of consciousness, all stupid-faced and bumbling at the mouth with dumb shit? Funny, sure. But dumb. And its BAD for us! Like, REAL bad. So why???


I said in my last post that I was going to try and use exercise as an outlet instead of drinking. Welllll…. that hasn’t really happened. Lol. Tho I did exercise a little this morning to try and sweat this sickness out, but not out of stress. I think I’ve just been resting. Which is probably exactly what my body needs.


And besides, wouldn’t it be all the more awesome if we could just let go of our inhibitions and act silly and weird and have fun and run around like kids WITHOUT the alcs? Like, how FREEING could that be!!! I’m serious!!

So that’s my intention.


So if you see me running, sprinting up and down the street most likely, at a party sometime in the near future – yeahhhh that’s probably just me sprinting.

I have a tendency to wanna sprint when I’m drunk. So watch me put this into full effect sober. High on chamomile and shit.



You’re going to think I’m crazy.


And perhaps that’s my plan….



keep them guessing.”