...At It Again

Originally penned/published:  Dec 12, 2015


I’m not really sure what this is going to be about, so I’m just gonna write.

Actually, that’s bullshit. I know very well what this is about. It’s been on my mind all day…


Y’know I only write when I’m single. And I’m horrible at transitions. Both in writing and in life. Bear with me…

If I cannot write in a relationship then I think I don’t ever really need to be in one. Because this is the best place for me. I feel alive.

I have been reflecting on being ‘newly single’ again… well, I dunno how new it is actually, it’s been about 6 months but I’m new back to dating again and whatnot. I still think dating is stupid. But that’s not what this post is about.

This is about inspiration. Pursuit. About a soul on fire.

See, I think that’s the best place to be:  On fire.

Not literally, of course, but spiritually, emotionally, energetically

I wrote this earlier:

“Go with the one that excites the f*ck out of you.

Go now.

Go often.

And maybe you don’t stay forever.

But stay as long as that fire in you keeps burning…”

I guess this is where I am now:  burning.


It’s an exciting place to be.

And honestly, I don’t have any desire to be anywhere else.

“Go with the one that excited the f*ck out of you”

I have.

And “stay as long as that fire keeps burning”

I will.

The traditional relationship is not the place for me.

I’m still burning…