8/30 - The Saviors of Today

prompt: if you're struggling with today's news what has kept you alive? afloat? what or who has cracked a thin smile to your face or made you laugh, even for a moment? What has been a belly full of soft pillows to curl into? What has made you feel safe?


The saviors of today are a crosstitch
2 buttons sewn on 2 shirts for a kind man I have just begun to know,
are his gratitude, precious smile at having again his favorite cold-weather shirts just before winter

The saviors of today are my friend Amy, her simple kind ask:
"how was dinner?" knowing such a small question meant so much.
her superhero way of making me believe I'm a superhero too.

My brother getting a gun, my having a passport,
my pending trip to Cuba, the realistic possibility I may not come back.

My imagining communities of peace in other countries. A dreamy, far off place I could learn and grow and love well supported
and not surrounded by rascists and mysogyny.

A man who made a sly, sexy suggestion to me via text, knowing I would receive it well.

The saviors of today are my friend Karen, her thoughtful commentary on how she too feels
trauma at this new announcement
and how she's chosen healthier responses to it.

The savior is how I've chosen healthier responses to things.
Like giving love, genuinely, sending it up in messages and texts
A "I'm not sure where to ask this but:  how are you" to a distant love
that never quite materialized

It is knowing you are cared for the world over. Knowin folks be
believin in you.

It is you boss not calling to talk about the news but talking about it anyway because
how could you both not.
It is his text late in the day asking, "Where's my help when I need it?" accompanied by
a picture of a beer list
And a "look what happens when I do it on my own" with a photo of a beer you know damn well is MUCH too dark for him to ever like.

it is in the knowing your community still exists
that you are still needed
in every crook and cranny you have wiggled yourself into now.

It is in also knowing that you could fly to Cuba and never come back.
And that you would still have all the same love for it.