6/30 - From a prompt by Marty McConnell on "Want"

What I want right now is a half mile down the road
"tooling around the house"
probably in fuzzy, felt like pants and an American
hands rough from climbing.

What I want right now is the satisfaction of 'after,' not the build-up
of 'before.' it gives me anxiety.
And i haven't been satisfied in months.
Steadily wringing my hands over themselves
Attempting not to undo myself again.

I left casual sex in the fire-pit of Want.
Burned it for solid burial
It hasn't come back up since.

The last thing i ate was dark chocolate
on my bed
some other kind of gluttony.

When I get what I want I will keep going back
to feed the crave that aches
without saying too much
the only thing I want next is:  more.