3/30 - after Traci Brimhall

Say my body is a kite.

Tie a string to the end of me and let me go

just not forever

let me travel and travail and wind-skip and jump and lay on the breeze without you


Let me do so many of the things partnered women aren't "supposed to"

(shy of the things that would make you insecure about us)

know I will come back

keep us safe.


at night lets retire to different bedrooms sleep

sprawled out on kings and queens alone

but together


most might think this crazy

but maybe this is what happens after years of suffocating partnerships, so you

be there       and I'll be here and lets just be us

together.   Away.


I will make breakfast on weekend mornings after being awake too long for most

but you would like it anyway because you were busy too

or not worried too much about bacon and eggs

(or at least not much about the eggs)

(and there is coffee on anyway)

and i can slide off the bright red and foreign blanket of my bed, down to the floor

like a fish

as if this were normal

and you would think, 'oh there goes my weird girlfriend

just being a fish'

and not think anything else of it.

No, I'm not doing yoga.

i'm just fishing. In my bedroom. On/Off the bed.


One day, we will have a hot tub that we both love.

and I will often make it smell like jasmine

and you will be annoyed because this means we need to clean it

but you will

because:  jasmine is a thing that i love

and because scent is the closest sense to emotion

and because love and because earth and because we built this, because here

with out own two weird hands

because sometimes you sleep on the porch because you love the rain

and you love outside like i love jasmine


and i think your outside sleeping is weird because:  bugs.

and you think my jasmine in the hot tub is weird because:  gross.


but i still make breakfast a little late in the morning

and you still aren't mad about that.