14/30 - When Asked 'What is Love To You?'

So, I'm so cheating my way through a few of these 30/30s  cuz some of the are totally NOT poems, they're blogs or rambles or facebook posts turned public, lol.
But yknow what? Today someone said to me, "I'm very interested in what YOU believe the definition of love is?" And that seemed like a meaningful enough share to place it in the 30/30 poem pile, even if there isn't any rhythm, structure or figurative language. So here:

I don't actually think there is a definition of Love because I don't think love is a thing. 
I think love is a way.
I approach love as a serious practice that I am always working toward improving. I practice when I give gifts or time or attention, when I give compliments and praise or support to my friends, when I show up to do the work it takes to help someone who really needs it (i.e. moving, raking leaves, feeding people, hugs), affection both to my dear friends and lovers of course. I think of love a lot more in a less-romantic sense than I do romantically. I just try to embody all the best qualities I can in a constant effort to strive toward my highest and best good. By doing that, I am practicing loving myself and those around me, all the time.
That's love to me I guess. In a nutshell.

What is love to you?