10/30 - Friend for a Gemstone

I wish i could take back the sad lament of Goodbye
cover it up instead with gumdrops or Twizzlers, your favorite candy.

It's been a while since I've written about you, my sweet friend
and your riling, whirling disaster of a self that was always so much
fun to dance

I wonder what your life is like now, in the afterlife.
Do you still sneeze at the light?
Do you still not want to kiss anyone?
Are your jeans too tight?
Are you wearing that "babycake" shirt I bought you?

if lament is regretful then i lament nothing.
but the living know well that death makes life valuable.
And so you are the most precious of gems I can imagine.

On days when I miss you, I carry you in my pocket
and we laugh at inside jokes, sing our favorite songs
belting out loud to Celine Dion or Mariah in the car
eat pizza and take too many shots of vodka, for you,
Gin for me

And we are always happy.
life is easy with a friend who's a gemstone. 
You can hold them in your palm, hide them for safe keeping,
Keep them close and imagine them giving you strength.

And there's not much more they need to do
than that.

You must be the easiest relationship I have by now.
So easy
it hurts.